What to do if you notice payments that you do not recognise or someone has used an SEN account in your name

Unauthorised transactions

If you have transactions on your credit or debit card statement listed as either Sony Online Services or Sony Ent Network, these are for purchases that you have made using Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) services. These include purchases from PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

There are a number of reasons that these payments may unexpectedly appear on your statement. Please see below for an explanation of some of the most common ones:

  • Forgotten purchases

If you have an SEN account, but do not recognise the charges, click here to find out how to view your transactions to check your wallet spending. If, after checking the purchase details, you still do not recognise the charges please check whether the payment has appeared as a result of one of the other reasons listed here.

  • Sub account spending

Sub accounts are funded from the master account wallet. When you create a sub account no spending limits are set although you will receive email notifications of any transactions that take place. Please click here to find out how to set a spending limit on your associated sub accounts or click here to check the transactions on your associated sub accounts.

  • Shared account details

Please note that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Network Entertainment will never ask you to share your password for any reason. If you share your password with anybody else your account could be vulnerable to hijacking (i.e. somebody signing into your account to change your details so they can use your account and you cannot sign in). If this has happened you may find that the person who has hijacked your account has made purchases on it using your payment information. If you think this might have happened to you, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Do not have an SEN account

If you have never held an SEN account but you have either received an email related to an account or your credit or debit card has been used to pay for SEN services, this may be because somebody has used your details to set up their account. If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible.


If you think that the charge may show on your account for another reason not listed here, please contact us.


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