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Music Unlimited is the easiest way to get to your favourite music.

  • Millions and millions of songs on demand-from indies to superstars.
  • No ads, unlimited skips, dozens of preset channels.
  • High Quality Audio. Stream the entire catalogue in super high 320kbps quality.
  • Music on your PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Android™ phone, Sony Tablet, BRAVIA® TV, PC.
  • It's your music... unlimited.

New Releases

Thousands of new songs are added weekly to the Music Unlimited catalog.

No ads.
Unlimited skips

Millions of

Quality Sound

Explore internet radio channels categorized by Genre, Era or Mood. "Like" or "Dislike" buttons customize channels to your personal taste. Use My Channel to create new channels based on your favourite artists.

The Music Unlimited library is now your library. A catalog of millions and millions of songs featuring hits and classic favourites, with thousands of new songs being added weekly. Create and edit unlimited playlists. Listen to any song you want as often as you want.

Click the HQ Audio ON button within your account settings and each song will be delivered as a 320kbps AAC file, the highest quality file available from any music subscription service. High Quality audio settings are available on your PS4™, PS3™, Android phone or tablet and any computer.

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