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Sign up for the Music Unlimited service to instantly stream millions of songs and a variety of channels with no ads. If you’re a new subscriber, you can try our Premium Plan free for 30* days. Try it now.

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New subscribers can try the premium plan free for 30 days.

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If you mostly listen to your music at home, this plan is the perfect choice.

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Millions of songs on demand:
Classic tracks to the hottest new tunes – all with no ads and unlimited skips.

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Add any song or album to your library. Create playlists and listen anytime. Play your songs even when you’re not online with the Premium plan.*

Explore channels by genre, era and mood. Create channels inspired by your favorite artists.

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Log into one account and listen to your music from any PC, Playstation®4 and Playstation®3. Sign up for Premium to enjoy on additional home and portable devices.

High Quality Audio:
Stream the entire catalog in super high quality on your gaming devices, mobile and web.

Post what you’re playing to Twitter or Facebook from any PC and let friends see your great taste in music.

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Listen to your songs anywhere in the world on your favorite devices.


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